Why do you need it?

Trucking into and out of South Florida has become increasingly complicated due to the region’s unique geographic location. The sheer population density of South Florida – triggered by rapidly growing residential and tourist consumer markets – has generated significant imbalance in freight flows due to consumption heavily outweighing production.

Driving into Miami is particularly problematic due to the lack of available backhaul freight and few nearby options. Shippers must look for cost-effective, reliable transportation alternatives in order to stay competitive in the market. Download the Case for Intermodal In South Florida to see how your company can optimize its freight by leveraging intermodal rail into and out of South Florida.

Download the Case for Intermodal In South Florida

What's inside?

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What are the benefits?

Get access to alternative capacity

Streamline supply chain efficiencies

Optimize your freight network

Maximize resource utilization

“Each year, 520,000 loads are sub-optimally shipped via truck into South Florida over a heavily congested highway system. Shippers must identify and plan for the best modal solution for each freight move.”

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